Lopatkin Lab
antibiotic resistance | quantitative biology | systems microbiology


Recent Updates

  • July 2022: The lab is excited to recieve NIH funding in collaboration with the Smith lab at NSU to study metabolism and antibiotic resistance!
  • July 2022: Mehrose presents her work on drivers of plasmid acquisition costs at the NY B.I.G. conference
  • December 2021: Claire's paper on Acinetobacter phylogenomics is out in print in Microbial Genomics
  • September 2021: The lab is excited to welcome our research technician Mehrose to the group! Read about her work here!
  • August 2021: The lab recieves its second federal funding from the NIH!
  • July 2021: We're hiring! Interested in working with us as a NSF funded research technician? Join us!
  • June 2021: The lab is excited to welcome Jana to the group!
  • March 2021: The lab recieves its first federal funding from the NSF!


Research in our lab utilizes a systems microbiology approach to quantify and leverage ecological and evolutionary dynamics of microbial populations. Our ultimate goal is to develop alternative strategies that combat the rise of antibiotic resistant pathogens.